4.5" Nastruck

Motor & Gearing:

Engraved Mid-America Eagle (MID605) or Hawk 7 (M7) no Hawk M7BB will be allowed. Engraving must be visible during tech inspection. If tampering with the endbell is evident, the motor will not be accepted during tech. Armature shaft may be trimmed on the pinion end for tire clearance. Gear combo is 10/38 (64 pitch) Gears do not need to be JK gears. Angled gears are accepted as long as they are the right pitch and tooth count. Soldered motor-mounting is acceptable.


Any commercially available 4.5” flexi chassis (out of production Parma and Champion chassis are ok). You cannot add any metal or gear guards to the chassis to stop movement or to strengthen the chassis. No opening of the bottom of the chassis or modified guide opening in front of chassis. Only oilites are allowed, no axle bearings. You can open the chassis axle holes to make them level. Must use the stock or approved bite-bar. Vibration-dampening tape may be attached to the top side of the chassis as desired, adding stick-on weight is acceptable.


Commercially available Nastruck body (.010” thickness). Bodies may be trimmed only for appropriate tire and track clearance but cannot be trimmed above the factory cut line. Rear of the body may be opened in an effort to reduce body tuck, but rear the fender must be retained. Bodies may be reinforced with tape and/or Lexan body armor. Must have 3 numbers and a painted 3D interior. Paper interiors that are folded to make them appear 3 dimensional are not allowed. Interiors must be attached to the body in the front and rear. Interiors that are only taped in the front to limit body flex are not allowed. Body must have enough paint to not see the chassis when sitting on the tech block. Paint jobs and decals that replicate full-scale race cars are encouraged but not mandatory. Bodies should be cut on the original cut line mark.

Approved body list is as follows:

  • Ralph Thorne: 4 1/2" Pro Truck .010” Part Number:1239-2-2
  • JK 4.5” Truck bodies (.010” only)
    a) Ford B73B
    b) Chevy B69B
    c) Toyota B81B
    d) Dodge B72B
  • Any older out-of-production Parma or Champion Nastruck bodies will be allowed. If you have the tag, please hang onto it so it can be seen during tech.
  • The Steve rule: If you find some obscure wedge-style truck body that has an obvious advantage over the rest of the bodies, it will not be allowed. Please keep in mind the spirit of these rules


Front tires mounted to the front chassis or front wheel stickers are mandatory. Rear tire rules are open. Drilled hubs are ok. Rims can be plastic, carbon or aluminum. Any compound is acceptable. Using nail polish to coat the surface of front tires is prohibited.


Chassis height on the rear of the car is .047”. Width of the rear of the car is 3.25” maximum. This will be measured with a standard tech tool. If your tool or feeler gauge says your car is legal, and mine doesn’t, we go with my tool.


Any commercially available guide flag is acceptable (weighted guides ok). Guide spacers are allowed. Cut down guide flags are allowed. Any guide wire is allowed. Any braid type is allowed

30 Second Rule:

Each driver will be allowed a 30 second “time-out” at any point in the race to make a minor repair to their car that would otherwise prevent them from finishing the race. This break will be timed by the race director and can only be used once during the race. This includes any last-minute repairs for a racer that is not ready when the race is supposed to start.