JDS Drag Racing Series

JDS Nostalgia Drag Racing Championships (NDRC)


In formulating these classes JDS has looked at events across the U.S. and are attempting to
create a series that promotes participation and new builds. Classes are structured very similar
to the original NHRA format and broken down into simple and readily recognizable race
groups: Stock/Super Stock, Gasser, Top Eliminator, Nostalgia Pro Stock and Nostalgia Funny

General Rules-All Classes

Guide Tongue maximum length: 1”
Maximum Wheelie Bar Length: 5”
3D Painted Interiors Required
No Metal bodies or parts that could damage the track
Glue: Light Drag Glue only

.5 Tree Dial In (Classes Run Separately)
  1. Nostalgia Super Stock
    Pre 1980 Full Body Cars
    Model Kit Bodies Only
    No Lexan, Styrene or Resin Bodies
    Bar or No-Bar Chassis
    Kit Front and Rear Windows
    Any Motor
    No Weight Limit
  2. Gasser
    1/2" Minimum Front Bumper Height
    Model Kit Bodies Only
    Front and Rear Windows Required
    No Lexan, Styrene or Resin Bodies
    Any Motor
    No Weight Limit
  3. Top Eliminator
    Any Motor
    No Weight Limit

         i. Comp Coupe
            Complete Model Engine Required
            No Lexan Bodies
            Styrene and Resin Bodies Okay
        ii. Altereds-Modified Roadster
            Complete model engine required
            No Lexan Bodies
            Styrene and Resin Bodies Okay
       iii. FED
            Complete Model Engine Required
            No Lexan Bodies
            Styrene and Resin Bodies Okay

    .4 Tree Heads Up Classes
  4. Nostalgia Pro Stock
    Designation: N/PS followed by car number.
    Class Rules:
    (1) BODY:
    1967-1979 American production coupe, sedan, or station wagon. Corvettes, or sports cars prohibited.
    No concept, or “show car” bodies.
    Model kit based, resin, or promo bodies.1/24-1/25 scale.

    Vacuum formed styrene bodies prohibited.


    No modification to body, other than grinding out inside of body to lightening.
    No “wedge” cutting to lower body.
    Enlarging rear wheel wells allowed to clear tires as long as it follows the original wheel well openings.
    No cutting of any kind allowed on the bodies other than wheelie bar upright clearance slots in lower rear valance/bumper. Complete opening of rear valance around uprights not allowed

    (4) WINGS:
    Wings, and spoilers allowed but must be representative of era of body used. Flat-angle spoilers with spill plates not allowed.

    All cars must run a scoop that replicates the style representative of the era. (Square, snorkel, ramp, mail box, etc) Aero Style scoops prohibited.
    Cowl induction prohibited.
    “Hemi Style” hood scoops are allowed on 1967-1970 Chrysler product bodies only.
    All scoops must be a minimum of 1/8” tall, and 1/2” wide, “except Hemi Style Hood Scoops, but must retain the original shape, and dimensions. Scoops must be mounted forward of the windshield.

    Must have clear, or lightly tinted windows. Lexan replacement allowed.
    Lexan or styrene may be used for passenger, and driver windows optional.
    No “blacked out” windows.

    (7) INTERIOR:
    3D driver interior card mandatory. Clear interior card must be painted. Detailing of driver optional but highly encouraged.

    Motor must be mounted in a inline configuration. Ball bearings allowed.

    5/8” (.625) minimum, 3/4” (.750) maximum diameter rims. Plastic, resin or 3D printed allowed for “FRONT WHEELS ONLY” and must be painted or chrome plated. MINIMUM front tire diameter is .935 tall.

    True scale diameter wheels only. "Pencil hub" wheels not allowed.  Plastic, resin, 3D printed or any non metallic rear wheels are NOT allowed.
    Rear tires. Height: 1 1/8” (1.125) minimum height. Width: 1/2” (.500) minimum.

    (11) WHEELIE BAR:
    Total length cannot exceed five (5) inches from the centerline of the rear axle, to the centerline of the wheelie wheel axle.

    (12) MOTOR:
    Pro Slot PS-2200, or PS-2200-BP “Crazy Horse” S16D
    Must retain original “Poly Neo” magnets.
    Must retain bushings, no bearings.
    May solder bushing to can.
    No shimmering of magnets.
    Centering of magnets allowed.
    Must retain OEM end bell and hardware
    Any end bell to can securing screws maybe used.
    Any springs and brushes allowed.
    No shunt wires.
    Any armature shims/spacers allowed.
    No “crimping” of can allowed.
    Only replacement armature is Pro Slot PS-917
    The only replacement end bell is PS-2009.
    The only replacement end bell hardware is PS-2010.
    Blueprinting allowed.

    (13) WEIGHT:
    Minimum weight 125 grams

    Class will run heads-up on a .400 Pro Tree
    Rules are subject to change or adjustment as sees fit by the Tech Department at any time without advance notice. Tech has the last say on any technical issue. If it doesn’t say it’s legal in the rules, it’s not.
  1. Nostalgia Funny Car
    Pre 1980 Funny Car Bodies
    No Lexan, Styrene or Resin Bodies
    Cars must have 1:25/1:24 scale engine detail mounted atop body at firewall
    Blower or Injectors Only
    Weight 120gr
    Any In-Line Chassis
    Front Wheels: 15" scale front Nostalgia FC Wheels
    Rear Wheels: 15" scale rear .500" wide by 1.100" tall (Minimum)
    Motor: Hawk 7BB
    Comm Drops Okay, No Freezing