Oval Class Rules for R/C

Outlaw TRUCK:


Any Truck Body


Rear or Mid Motor

After market chassis's ok

After market towers ok

Short or long shocks ok


Speed controls must be in blinky/non timing mode


Open ROAR 13.5


ROAR approved 2c battery

Batteries must remain in stock centered location


Internal limiters, pistons, springs and oil changes allowed

Rear Toe no less than 2* and must be the same on both sides

Weight may be added


TIRES must use truck wheels Foam or rubber tires ok

Minimum Weight 56oz

17.5 Sprint:

DODC national rules

6x6 Wing

Front Wing optional

17.5 Trinity Equalizer Spec Motor.  Part #TEP1841

ROAR approved 2c battery

Speed controls must be in blinky/non timing mode

Open tire

Minimum Weight 55oz



 OEM factory chassis

Modified Body rule:

 Customworks Tornado Midwest SC Modified Body #9211 ONLY No other MFG allowed in this class. You can use any bumper and body mounts.  


 SLASH HCG chassis only.


 SLASH box Stock ESC and Servo in factory location.


 Traxxas 12T Titan motor only.  Part #3785 are allowed.  NO motor modifications allowed.


ROAR approved 2C Battery 5000MAH max.  Any "c" rating. Battery max cost $50   dollarsg.  Must remain in stock centered location.

 NO Shorty packs.


 Durability upgrades allowed (RPM F&R Hubs, Shock Caps, non-performance enhancing)

 No trans modifications (gears or oils)

 No heating & bending of any parts (a-arms especially)

 Stock Gears: 86 Spur 19 Pinion only.  


 OEM factory suspensions including shock towers and shocks

 Internal limiters “OK” (pistons, springs MUST BE STOCK, oil changes allowed)

Wheels & Tires:

 SLASH box stock tires in stock location front on front & rear on rear.

 No softening, tire dope, tire prep, snipping, grooving of any kind. NO S1 compound. Must have tread, must be able to hang a nail on the tread. (NO slicks allowed).

No Weight Rule



 Salvas Mudboss body only.


 Traxxas Slash 2wd ONLY. LCG Traxxas chassis allowed.

 Custom Works adjustable rear control arms allowed. Part #3270.

 RPM off-set compensating front control arms allowed. Part #70552.

 Any RPM 2wd Traxxas Slash stock replacement parts are allowed.

 NO aluminum, carbon fiber or graphite parts allowed.

 Front stock bumper, right side nerf bar/bumper and front body post brace must be removed.

 Left side nerf bar/bumper and rear bumper can be removed if desired.

 Traxxas front optional bumper can be used angled down. Part #2735.

 Alterations to the chassis or modifications to the drivetrain/suspension components are not allowed.


 ESC – Hobbywing Justock Part #30112000 or Traxxas XL-5 Part #3018R are allowed.


Hobbywing 13.5 locked timing Part #30408010 or Traxxas 12T Titan Part #3785  are allowed.


Any ROAR approved 2S lipo battery is allowed (Any MAH or C rating allowed).

 Servo – Any servo may be used.


 Any Traxxas 2wd Slash stock spur gear 76/83/86/90 may be used with all transmission parts in place including the slipper.

 Any pinion size allowed.

 No modifications can be made to the stock transmission case. RPM transmission case is allowed.

 No modifications allowed to the stock transmission gearing. NO internal plastic gears allowed. Traxxas 2wd Slash steel transmission gears ONLY.

 Transmission functionality rule – motor cannot spin while turning slowly one rear wheel a full turn.


 Traxxas 2wd Slash plastic shocks ONLY (grey or black version)

  •  (front shocks, bodies & shafts stay in front), (rear shocks, bodies and shafts stay in rear).

 Only original Traxxas 2wd Slash front springs #5857/P and rear spring #5858/P are allowed.

 Shock travel may be limited with internal shock spacers/shims.

 Original pistons from Traxxas 2wd Slash kit ONLY (original 1, 2 or 3 hole). NO modifications can be made to shock pistons.

Tires & Wheels:

 Any TREADED tires can be used. Must have tread, must be able to hang a nail on the tread. (NO slicks or pin tires allowed).

 ** During "Summer Series Concrete Oval" must use Jaco foam tires and wheels.  Purple compound Part #JAC2055LP.

No Weight Rule