Wednesday Night Expert LMP

Wednesday night expert LMP is a modified version of our box stock class where sportsman can advance and add more options to change their cars. Sportsman will be able to bump up into the expert category each week if they win their class

  • JK Cheetah C21 chassis (4") Weights and/or vibration-dampening tape may be attached to the top side of the chassis as desired. Chassis may not be otherwise altered or modified other than typical flattening and straightening
  • The maximum rear track width is 3.25”
  • Minimum track clearance, under the chassis at the rear of the motor box and under the spur gear, is .047
  • MAR605 Eagle or Hawk 7 motors only (no bearings). Retro Eagle/Hawk motors are not allowed
  • 10/36 gear combo only. Must be JK gears (purple for 36, blue for 37)
  • JK LMP body styles only. No ultimate Peugoet or wedge bodies allowed. Bodies may be trimmed only for appropriate tire and track clearance. Bodies may be reinforced with tape and/or Lexan body armor. Front tires or front wheel stickers are mandatory
  • Any guide flag is allowed
  • Rear bushings/oilites only. No bearings. Original bushings can be replaced with any brand bushing
  • Any guide flag is allowed. Guide spacers are allowed. Cut down guide flags are allowed
  • Any guide wire is allowed
  • Any braid type is allowed
  • Open tire, no drilled hubs